University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
Since 1869

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Admission for undergraduate studies

In the fields and curricula of the bachelor cycle, the admission of the candidates for the available places, the Faculties of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Science and Biotechnology is based on the general principle "option above average".

In what concerns the Faculties of Food Science and Technology and Veterinary Medicine the principle that applies is "average above option". Regarding the Faculty of Food Science and Technology the admission for bachelor study programs is done in the field of Food Engineering. All candidates for the study programmes pertaining to the Food Engineering field, that is part of the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, will be admitted in the first place to the field of study while at the end of the second year of study, they will be eligible for budget or fee based study programs CEPA, TPPA, IPA, based on the option, the weighted average of the Ist and IInd years of education and according to the number of places allocated for the Ist year admission. The selection of USAMVCN candidates for the academic year 2015-2016 - bachelor cycle (according to study fields and programmes) takes place following an entrance exam, based on the high school examination average, except the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, where specific the specific testing is as follows:

Veterinary Medicine - Romanian line of study (1. High school average - 70%; 2. Theory test (XIth grade Biology - multiple choice test) - 15%; 3. Theory test (Xth grade Chemistry - multiple choice test) - 15%);

Veterinary Medicine - English and French lines of study (1. High school average or its equivalent - 85%; 2. Reasons for choosing profession and FMV CN (essay) - 10%; 3. Community and/or animal protection volunteering (certification) -5%).  The registration and competition will take place separately for the Romanian line of study and for the lines of study in English and French. The candidates for the study programs conducted in a foreign language will take a pass/fail language proficiency test or will submit a certificate of proficiency for the language they wish to study in.

The admission is organized according to bachelor fields of study. In the case of the admission to a study programme within a field comprising several study programmes, the principle that applies is option over average while within the study programme the ranking is done according to the average. The average over option principle implies that the ranking of candidates will be done according to the average, while their assignment for the available places will be carried out in turn, starting with the first ranked to the last, according to the order of the options specified in the application form. During the admission process, in the event of several candidates with equal averages, the high school examination grades will be used as additional placement test as follows: 1. The mark obtained in Romanian language; The mark obtained in Math/History; 3. The mark obtained in the pupil’s option subject. During each admission session, the students accepted for the fee based places are chosen from among the admission candidates below the last one admitted on the state budget funded places, in descending order of the classification made according to the admission criteria. Those interested shall be notified of the admission results, assessed and approved by the University Admission Committee, by having the results posted on the notice board of the university as well as on the university site