The number of available state subsidized places

For the academic year 2015-2016 in USAMV Cluj-Napoca, for undergraduate degree programs there are a total number of 865 funded places, divided for the five faculties of the university, as follows:

  • for the Faculty of Agriculture a total number 164 funded places,
  • for Faculty of Horticulture a total number of 290 funded places.  
  • For the Faculty of Animal breeding 160 funded places, 
  • for Veterinary Medicine 160 funded places. 
  • The newest faculty in the university, the Faculty of Food Science offers 91 funded places.

It is important to highlight the fact the our university offers funded places for disadvantaged groups of people  (rroma are considered to be one of this category) .

Student scholarships are of four types: social, study, merit and excellence.

The amount of the scholarships are, as follows: social scholarship 200 RON, study scholarship 250 RON, merit scholarship 300 RON and excellence 350 RON. They are granted under the Regulation for scholarships applied in our University. 

In addition to the above-mentioned scholarships, the University provides financial support for the students having special family events as baby born, parents death etc.

Students’ hostels (accomodation)

Most of the Hostels are situated near the university campus, in an campus known under the name Hasdeu  The XII Hostels  offers 292 beds, the  VIII Hostel  391 beds, the  XV Hostel  257 beds.The rooms have shared or private bathrooms, and bed clothing, internet connection shared kitchen is provided as well. The students have the opportunity to have their breakfast/lunch/dinner at The Students’ Restaurant Agronomia (situated near the Campus) for very convenient prices: breakfast 8-10 RON, lunch 10-12 RON and dinner 8-10 RON.

Another , hostel-the  Agronomia Hostel with  253 beds, is situated close to the main campus (400 m).