Quality Assurance and Human Resources

The quality of education represents the entirety of the characteristics of a study program and of its provider, by means of which the requirement of the beneficiaries as well as the quality standards are met.

The assessment of the quality of education consists in the multicriterial evaluation of the level met by an education providing organization and its program in respect to standards and reference standards. When the institution itself assesses the quality, it becomes internal evaluation. When it is a national or international specialized agency that undertakes the quality assessment, it is called external evaluation.

The education quality assurance is accomplished by means of a multitude of actions concerning the development of the institutional ability to elaborate, plan and implement various study programs meant to ensure the beneficiaries’ trust regarding the meeting of the quality standards by the providing organization. The quality assurance expresses the ability of a providing organization to offer education programs in compliance with the reported standards. Thus, it is promoted so that the continuous improvement of the education quality is achieved.

The Council charged with the Quality Assurance and Human Resources comprises the deans of the faculties within the university and one student of each faculty. Its activity consists in various activities the purpose of which is to increase the research and the education quality as provided by USAMV Cluj-Napoca.