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Online books and monographs

Online books and monographs Elsevier - Science Direct

Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences
Encyclopedia of Biodiversity 
Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences 
Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology
Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences 
Encyclopedia of Grain Science

Online books Elsevier - Science Direct

Advances in Plant Pathology
Air-Breathing Fishes
Algal Ecology
Amniote Origins
Ancient Marine Reptiles
Animal Cognition in Nature
Applications of Physiological Ecology to Forest Management
Aquatic Ecosystems
Avian Molecular Evolution and Systematics

The Bamboos of the World
Beef Cattle Feeding and Nutrition (Second Edition)
Behavioral Ecology of Tropical Birds
The Behaviour, Population Biology and Physiology of the Petrels
Bioavailability of Nutrients for Animals
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Fishes
Biodiversity of Fungi
Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements in the Rhizosphere
Biology of the Lobster
Biotechnology and Safety Assessment (Third Edition)
Bones, Stones and Molecules

C4 Plant Biology
Carbon Dioxide and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Carbon Dioxide and Environmental Stress
Carbon Dioxide, Populations, and Communities
Caribbean Amphibians and Reptiles
Chaos in Ecology
The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology
Characterization of Food
Cheese: Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology 
Computer Applications in Food Technology 
Conservation Biological Control 
Conservation of Fish and Shellfish Resources
Coral Reef Fishes

Developments in Agricultural Economics
Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science
Developments in Crop Science
Developments in Food Science
Developments in Marine Biology
Developments in Plant Genetics and Breeding
Developments in Soil Science
Dynamic Food Webs

Ecological Paradigms Lost
Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates (Second Edition)
Ecology in Agriculture
Ecology, Genetics and Evolution of Metapopulations
Emerging Technologies for Food Processing
Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences
Encyclopedia of Biodiversity
Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences
Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology
Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Encyclopedia of Foods
Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences
Encyclopedia of Grain Science
The Evolution of Adaptive Systems
The Evolution of Plant Physiology
Exploring Animal Behavior in Laboratory and Field

Fish Nutrition (Third Edition)
Food Texture and Viscosity (Second Edition)
Forest Canopies (Second Edition)
Freshwater Algae of North America
Freshwater Ecology
Freshwater Fish Distribution
The Fungi (Second Edition)

Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture
Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists
The Global Forest Products Model
Global Seagrass Research Methods
Grazing Management (Second Edition)
Great White Sharks
Growth Control in Woody Plants

Handbook of Biological Control
Handbook of Milk Composition
Handbook of Vegetable Pests
Harvested Forages
Hormones, Brain and Behavior

ICES Zooplankton Methodology Manual
Identifying Marine Diatoms and Dinoflagellates
Identifying Marine Phytoplankton
Innovations in Food Packaging
Insect Clocks
Insect Ecology (Second Edition)
Insect Molecular Genetics (Second Edition)
Insect Pheromone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Insect Timing: Circadian Rhythmicity to Seasonality
Integrative Plant Anatomy
Interrelationships of Fishes
Intertidal Fishes
Introduction to the Practice of Fishery Science

Large Marine Ecosystems
Latin American Coral Reefs
Long-Term Studies of Vertebrate Communities

Marine Mammals (Second Edition)
Marine Metapopulations
Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural Research
Matthews' Plant Virology (Fourth Edition)
Medical and Veterinary Entomology
Metapopulation Biology
Methods in Applied Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants (Second Edition)
Molecular Systematics of Fishes
Monitoring Vertebrate Populations
Mycorrhizal Symbiosis (Second Edition)

The Natural History of an Arctic Oil Field
Nature's Music
Nitrogen Fixation at the Millennium
Nutrient Metabolism
The Nutrition Transition

The Origin and Evolution of Larval Forms
The Origins of Agriculture in the Lowland Neotropics

Phase Transitions in Foods
Photoperiodism in Plants (Second Edition)
Physicochemical and Environmental Plant Physiology (Third Edition)
Physiology of Woody Plants (Second Edition)
Piperonyl Butoxide
Plant Biochemistry
Plant Biochemistry (Third Edition)
Plant Cell Death Processes
Plant Energetics
Plant Growth and Development
Plant Resource Allocation
Plant Stems
Polysaccharide Dispersions
Population Dynamics
Population Limitation in Birds
Postharvest Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables
Preservation of Foods with Pulsed Electric Fields
Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations
Production Rights in European Agriculture

Radio Tracking and Animal Populations
Reproductive Allocation in Plants
Reproductive Biology of Bats
Return to the River

Sensory Evaluation Practices (Third Edition)
Social Learning in Animals
Soil Liquid Phase Composition
Soil Respiration and the Environment
Soil, Fertilizer, and Plant Silicon Research in Japan
Sperm Competition and Sexual Selection
Stable Isotopes and Biosphere Atmosphere Interactions
Stock Identification Methods
Streams and Ground Waters
Studies in Plant Science
Sturkie's Avian Physiology (Fifth Edition)

Terrestrial Global Productivity
Tropical Mariculture

Vascular Transport in Plants
Virus-Insect-Plant Interactions

Wildlife Demography
Wine Science (Second Edition)
Wine Tasting
World Crop Pests