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Incoming teachers and staff

Thinking of a teaching/staff training mobility at USAMV Cluj-Napoca?

In the case of staff exchange for teaching between higher education institutions in Programme Countries, both institutions have to be holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and must have an inter-institutional agreement.


The first step is to send an e-mail of intention.

The partner higher education institution must have agreed on the programme of activities to be undertaken by the visiting teachers or staff member  (Mobility Agreement) prior to the start of the mobility period.

The activities of staff undertaking a teaching assignment should be integrated into the curriculum of the receiving institution.

Staff members are selected by the sending higher education institution.



  • Staff Training Agreement

All the documents must be sent by email (scanned copy).

Responsible for Erasmus+ mobilities  - Simona  Oros, PhD

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