Admission for doctoral studies

The admission criteria are: 1/2 the bachelor graduation average or bachelor and master’s; 1/2 the mark obtained following the interview regarding the experience in the field of research, the motivation to pursue doctoral studies, the design of a research project and the assessment of knowledge in the PhD field; Enrolment for the admission to doctoral studies in a specific field can be done independently of the field of the Bachelor or Master’s degree. Specific knowledge in the doctoral field, based on the bibliography, is assessed by the entrance examination. The admission contest is conducted in compliance with the Code of doctoral studies approved by MECS based on Government Decision. The available places UASVM CN for PhD students are proposed for occupancy by the PhD supervisors of the doctoral school. The selection of the doctoral candidates, for each vacant position, is performed by the PhD supervisor. The admission competition content and type are established by the PhD supervisor upon conferring with the Doctoral School. In what concerns the doctoral studies, the admission procedure holds as mandatory the candidate’s prior obtaining of the master's degree or its equivalent, in the country or abroad (minimum 300 credits). The admission of the candidates to doctoral studies is carried out by means of competition, only for full time studies, according to doctoral fields, organized by I.O.S.U.D., usually before the beginning of the academic year. The minimum conditions of enrollment for admission to doctoral studies are: A minimum of 300 credits accumulated during university studies, bachelor (the long type previous the Bologna process), bachelor's and merged master’s (veterinary medicine) or bachelor and master’s as separate cycles. A minimum average of 8.00 (arithmetic mean of the years of study and of the university graduation exam) and minimum average of 9.00 for the master’s (arithmetic average of the master’s studies and of the graduation examination). Declaration of honor that he/she has not committed any disciplinary violations during the years of study to have been sanctioned by the University Ethics Committee. Certificate of proficiency in at least one commonly understood foreign language.