Lifelong Learning Center

The mind is an instrument, a machine, fuelled by spiritual fire”. (Dostoievski)

The mission of the Lifelong Learning Center is to facilitate the learning process by identifying the students' knowledge necessities and the correlation of the acquired qualifications-specializations with the actual state of the labor market.

The objectives of the Lifelong Learning Center:

  • to accomplish the correlation between the fields of education and work
  • to acquire key abilities as well as those pertaining to the educational and professional training system
  • to ensure the personal, social and occupational development of the students

The structure of the Lifelong Learning Programme
4 sectoral programmes:

  • pre-university education (Comenius)
  • higher education (Erasmus)
  • professional training (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • education for adults (Grundtvig)

 Activities carried out within the Lifelong Learning Center 

  • postgraduate studies
  • career counselling and guidance for students - VIA project (Vocation, Interests, Apprehension and development, the path to professional success)

Assist. Prof. Mirela Fărăgău-Dragoş, PhD

Tel: 0264-596.384; 0264-593.792 interior 289
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