Academic Council

The Academic Council (AC) is an executive structure coordinated by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and is functionally subordinated to the Administration Council and to the Rector, operating in accordance with the Act no.1/2011, the university Charter, the present regulations as well as with the regulations in force. 

The Academic Council operates on a permanent basis and has to ensure the implementation of the legislation, of the decisions of the Senate and of the Administration Council regarding the education.

The Academic Council has the role to ensure the organization and the proper course of the academic educational process for the educational cycles, bachelor and master level, during all its stages, from admission to the study final examination.

The Academic Council ensures the organization and the development of the postgraduate education and the lifelong learning, from registration to certification.

The Academic Council elaborates, upon Rector's request and upon demand of the Administration Council, analyses, reports and methodology and regulations projects.