The USAMV Cluj-Napoca Aquarium is located at no 3, Mănăștur Street and was sat up in 2003 as part of the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnologies, department of Pisciculture. The Aquarium Room is in the basement of the Rectorate building. Here there are 14 aquariums the volumes of which range between 300-400 liters. The aquariums shelter more than 30 species of fish from all over the world: Piranha, Biocelat, Scalari, Paradise fish, Livebearer, Swordtail, Indian catfish, Zebrafish, Guarami, Guppy, Callistus, Flameuss, Cichlasom, Neoni,etc.

In the center there is an aquarium of more 20000 liters where one finds species of the fish originating in natural basins: Catfish, Common carp, Prussian carp, Zander, Northern pike, Perch, Common bream, etc.

The Aquarium also holds a terrarium with turtles.

The Aquarium may be visited according to the following schedule:

Tuesday-Friday: 08-19
Saturday & Sunday: 10-14

 Scheduling may be done by calling: 0264-596384, int. 114; 348 or 0744 898818

Ticket cost:    3 RON for Adults

                        2 RON for children, pupils, students and retired individuals