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Graduates and the Labor Market

“Graduates and Labor Market” is the first national project following the actual connection between a graduate’s field of study and the professional activity (career). The importance of the results is underlined by the fact that this type of research concerns every graduate of a class and is not carried through only for a sample of them. The chosen approach allows the identification of problems or performances for every level of every study program of a university. Subsequently, this study shall represent a first detailed “radiogram” of the results obtained for the Romanian higher education system.

The project was initiated and is coordinated by the “National Higher Education Funding Council” in collaboration with the INCHER Institute – Kassel, Germany and is being co-funded by the European Social Fund. The results will represent a benchmark for endeavors directed towards the improvement of academic studies quality. This is also supported by the essential idea of the project: no one can better assess the quality and the utility of a study program than the one it is designed for: THE GRADUATE

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Agro practice

The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca implements during January 2012 – December 2013 the first project destined to the funding of the practical courses regarding the students of the Faculties of Agriculture, Animal Science and Biotechnologies, Horticulture and Veterinary Medicine: “Practical Training – Investment for Future Agriculture Specialists” - POSDRU/109/2.1/G/81441

Main objective of the project

Increasing the specialized labor market insertion rate for the students of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca by improving the abilities and the competences required by the economic environment, as outcome of complex practical stages training, in the context of a consolidated partnership between the academic environment and the labor market.

Specific objectives

  • Promotion and consolidation of partnership between the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and the economic environment, by the signing of 20 partnership agreements with relevant entities with the purpose to organize training stages in the best suited environment.
  • Supporting the students to conceive their own career plan by counseling and professional guidance
  • Student counseling regarding the labor law – the right and the obligations for their first job
  • Preparation of the students for direct contact with future employers by: increase of the amenity and the quality of the specialization training stages for the students of the Faculties of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.
  • Initiation stages – Cojocna mixed farm
  • Open-space meetings
  • Good practices dissemination workshops
  • Application for studies at European Union partners


VIA – Vocation, Interests, Self-knowledge and development the road towards professional success

General objective

The general objective of the project aims to provide the premises for the transition of pupils and students to higher education levels or to labor market, by information access and guiding and counseling activities.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives of the project aim to:

  • Provide the instruments required for pupils’ and students’ knowledge and self-knowledge, in view of a correct identification of the educational and professional options.
  • Development and implementation of the counseling services for pupils and students by means of modern methodology and TIC instruments for an adequate educational and professional guidance, the purpose of which being a most efficient correlation between one’s psychological, vocational profile and one’s aspirations; correction of the erroneously stated options, reorientation with the aid of counseling.
  • Increase of pupils’ and students’ access to information in order to acquire enough correct information regarding professions, professional fields, knowledge of the economic realities, as well as of the risks and advantages pertaining to various professions; the objective dynamics of educational and professional course in respect to one’s career.
  • Capacitating of pupils/students with methods and techniques/instruments that allow them to search/obtain a job