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Fondată în 1869

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Food: the human diet round-table and science cafe

Friday 18 January 2019, 10:00
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18th January 2019, USAMV - The Biodiversiy Research Center, Cluj Napoca, Romania.





This event is organized by EMUNI and USAMV Cluj-Napoca and co-funded under the ERC (European Research Council) and

ERC = Science2 program of European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

International scholars (ERC grantees) doing ground-breaking research on the human diet will show their work and will discuss

with the participants on the following topics:


Culinary practices through history
Relationship between the diet and human evolution
Interconnections between the human diet and the environment


The event is organized as a round table, followed by a science cafe. At the end, a light lunch will be provided.


For registration, please access the link:



For more info, please contact: amihalca@usamvcluj.ro


Event Program



10h00 - 10h15




Welcome address - Andrei D. Mihalca (USAMV) + EMUNI representative


Presentation of the ERC=Science² project - Theme FOOD - ERC=Science² OR EMUNI representative


Introductory words - Ioana Ispas, European Affairs counselor, Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation




10h15 - 11h15


Round-table 1h00




Presentation of the research + specific ERC project + profile


Discussion / exchange among the grantees on sciences on their experience (why they applied with this project,

what can they do that they would not have been able to without this ERC grant) + few questions from the public






  • Amanda Georganna Henry, Universiteit Leiden (NL)
  • Dulce Freire, University of Lisbon (PT)
  • Nastasia Belc, National R&I Institute on Food Bioresources (RO)




Moderators: Andrei D. Mihalca  and Dan C. Vodnar




Science-café 1h00


Informal exchanges between the grantees and the public


Food-festival - presentation of the food, explanations











Location : The Biodiversiy Research Center, Cluj Napoca, Romania
Contact : amihalca@usamvcluj.ro


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